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The TOP 5 Youtube Channels about 3D Printing

Find the most useful instructional and fun channels on Youtube. NOTE: These are not in any order, they are just the best of the best in this new, upcoming technology.

3D Printing Nerd

Joel, AKA the 3D Printing Nerd has a fun channel that covers reviews of different printers, comparisons of printouts, mail bag feature videos and also highlights from events. He has a good personality and helps to make the videos more fun and interesting.

Thomas Sanladerer

Another very nice, cool person on Youtube. Thomas has a very in-depth channel and features several printers, reviews and tech tips. He is also known for very lengthy live builds and prints which cover the whole process.

Maker's Muse

In-depth Channel featuring 3D Printing machines, pens, filament and other things. His channel is definietly worth checking out to get another great view of the industry.

Barnacules Nerdgasm

Jerry AKA Barnacules is a former Microsoft software developer who now runs videos on many different topics. While only some of his videos are related to 3D Printing, they are some of the more interesting ones to be found. His other videos are well worth watching and he brings humor and a unique attitude to things. He has also covered 3D scanning, which is rarely found so far on Youtube.


While a majority of this channel, owned by Adam Savage of Mythbusters fame, delves into many different technical topics, their 3D printing coverage is excellent. They have hired the 3D Printing guru Sean Charlesworth to help with creating models and providing his thoughts on various printers.

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