The 3D Printing Ecosystem

Step 1. Obtaining 3D Model for Printing

There are 3 ways to obtain a model for 3D printing

1. Scan an existing object then import to a software program- Jump to the next section to learn more about the 3D Scanning process.

2. Download an existing 3D Model from a website. Click HERE for our 3D Model directory.

3. Create a 3D Model from a CAD program.

Step 2. Import 3D Model

If you used a 3D scanner, the software will import the model from a scan and then you can use it in a 3D Modeling program.

Step 3. Converting/Repairing the 3D Model

Depending on how the model was made, some repair or conversion work may need to be done to ensure it is in the correct file type for 3D Printing. There are various software programs available designed specifically for that task.

Step 4. Slicing Programs to put the 3D model into code

Once the model file is in the correct format, it then has to be read by the 3D printer, so the software slices the model into dimensions the printer can use.

Step 5. Printing

This step which will have different instructions and settings, depending on the type of 3D printer.